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“You lock the door and throw away the key. There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.”

Pink Floyd

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The Turning of Amber Abbott (Flash Fiction)

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“What have I always taught you?”

“Always know their routine, their weakness, their habits, and always leave yourself a way out. I know dad. You’ve been drilling that for years now.” She said.

“Amber, honey, this is the first kill on your own. I just want it to go smoothly. We’ve been following this woman for a month now and thus should be easy for you. You’re more than ready,” he looked at her with the pride of a predator to its young.

“Ok, here I go,” she smiled and opened the car door. As she stepped into the darkness of downtown, the wet pavement reflected the colored neon lights, and her pitch-black hair brushed her shoulders and crowded her pale green eyes. The blackness of her hoodie, jeans, and boots absorbed the surrounding light and muted her appearance.

Watching from the brick roofline, hidden from all who could see Brid knew what was about to happen. He had been keeping an eye on Amber. Ever since her dad had confided his secret to him, he wanted her for his own. Brid just needed to wait until she was older. His wait was over.

Sitting down just inside the shadows of the alleyway, Amber waited. She knew the woman would be passing by any moment. She and her father had done their homework well.

“Help me. Money? I’m hungry,” Amber moaned.

“You ok? Here I have a few dollars for you,” the woman stepped into the darkness, leaving the safety of the streetlights for only an instant, but that was all Amber needed. As she reached for the woman’s outstretched hand with money, she grabbed her wrist and pulled and stabbed the blade into the side of the good giver’s neck with her other hand. Falling like a clump of wet clothes, Amber began to drag her deeper into the darkness.

With that, Brid stepped out into the emptiness before him from the rooftop and dropped within the dark.

Amber heard the thud behind her and saw a man straightening himself up from the kneeling position surrounded by cracked pavement.

He simply smiled as she thrust the knife into his chest. Looking down, Brid grabbed the handle and removed the weapon. Holding it between his hands, he broke it in half. He was quickly upon Amber as she attempted to scream, but the only sound was teeth penetrating flesh.

When she opened her eyes, the vision, she had stung her mind. The light burned, the surroundings were unfamiliar, and the wall of glass in front of her reflected the doom at her.

Brid walked up behind her, “Welcome to your new life.”

“Where am I?”

“Nineveh, forty stories up from the city streets,” He moved closer, “welcome home. Once again, your new life is here. Welcome.”

“What? What have you done to me?” Amber tightened her eyes. The light was unbearable.

“Your father trained you to be a killer. I’ve turned you into the ultimate killer. Natures truest creation. A Vampire.”

As the weeks passed, Amber learned and exercised her new powers. The bodies in and around the alleys of Nineveh began to accumulate. She grew ever more efficient at killing, and she felt she had reached a peak with which she was not satisfied.

Brid tolerated her exuberance, if not abuse, of her newfound thrill at killing, but he knew he had to reel her in for her sake and his.

The next nightfall, he stopped her before she could leave, “You have to slow down. Most people believe we are a myth, but there are some who hunt us, and some of them are very effective at stopping us.”

“I’m tired of the homeless and unwanted. I want more difficult prey,” she said. Her arms at her side and staring out the massive windows looking down at the city. “A challenge. A challenge like you,” she turned and looked at Brid with the eyes of a predator.

“Killing me would only cause your precious powers to disappear, my dear. You would become human again, and I don’t think you want that, now do you?”

“Well, let them come after us. We’re unstoppable.,” she said, closing the door behind her headed out into the darkened streets.

Brid shook his head and pulled out his phone.

Watching from above, Amber noticed the three men come stumbling around the front of the abandoned building. Hitting the ground with the force of someone more significant than herself, she quickly turned in their direction only to have the arrow firmly plant itself in her shoulder. The numbness spread immediately, and she fell to her knees. The three men walked up to her, and one said, “We’ve gotcha girly.”

Opening her eyes, she realized she was bound to a pole of some sort.

“Wakey, wakey, girly.” The man with the machete was saying a few feet in front of her.

She flexed against the restraints.

“Sorry, honey. Those are soaked in dead man’s blood, which makes them stronger than you,” he stepped closer.

“Wait! Don’t kill me. You want the one that turned me. I can be human again. You want Brid; I can give him to you. Please,” she was writhing against the ropes.

The machete lodged itself into the wooden beam after slicing through her neck. Ambers’ head rolled off to the side as Brid stepped out from behind the men. He hung his shoulders. ‘The search begins again.’ The thought irritated him.


Write Fearlessly


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Thank You All!

A great big thanks to all the well-wishers out there. Oh, how I envy the ambidextrous people of the world😀 I can’t type with my left hand to save my life. Luckily I have my handy dandy tape recorder to record ideas for stories. Thank you again, and have a great week. PS it took me nearly 15 minutes to type this. I love you, autocorrect.

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So I Broke My Arm.

My posts have been slacking this past week.😪 I unfortunately broke me right arm and of course I’m a righty. Typing has become a task to say the least. And to complicate things, even more, my editing feedback starts rolling in in a week and a half. So please forgive me for my absence until this downtime and healing is complete. Have great Friday everyone.

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Question Of The Week

For you, what’s the difference between a successful day of writing and a failure?

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6️⃣ Word Story Challenge

In six words, tell your story of the above picture.

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Those Innocent Little Lies (Flash Fiction)

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                “Have you ever thought about killing yourself?”

                Tommy was thinking quick as he tried to analyze the situation. He wanted to fit in with these people, so every answer carried a certain amount of weight. “Well, ya know, it’s crossed my mind a few times,” he cringed as he said the words, hoping he had guessed correctly.

                “Yeah, me too. I feel that anyone who truly thinks about life has thought about suicide at some point or another,” Kristy said holding her head up high. “After all, suicide is a right we’re all born with, and no one can take that away.”

                As the daylight began to fade, Tommy, Kristy, and the other five drew closer to the fire. Tommy hoped he had made a good impression on them and was now considered ‘in.’ while he edged his way closer to Kristy he was struck from behind and everything went black as he hit the ground in a pile of helplessness.

                When he came to he realized both his hands were bound, one to each person on either side of him. The whole group was sitting around the fire in a circle, each attached to the next by handcuffs.

                “Tonight we take our lives in defiance of ourselves, our parents, and society,” Kristy was saying. She lifted her glass, and the others followed. Tommy noticed a cup resting on the ground before him, and he began to understand what was about to happen.

                “Pick up your glass Tommy,” Kristy motioned with the gun she was holding with her other hand. “If you don’t join us I’ll be forced to send you to the next world myself.”

                “What are you talking about? You guys are crazy! Why would you want to kill yourselves?”

                “You said you had thought about suicide. If you’ve thought about it, you’ve certainly entertained the idea of actually doing it. It’s the ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate ‘Fuck You’ to the world. Everyone, let’s drink. You first Tommy,” Kristy fired a shot into the air and Tommy reached for his glass. He began to drink and the other five followed in kind.

                After a few minutes, everyone began to choke and grab at their sides. Straining to breathe, a pinkish foam appeared at their mouths. Tommy and Kristy’s gurgling sounds slowly turned to laughter as they stood up and looked around at the others while they quickly lost the fight to live.

                Retrieving a key from her pocket, she unlocked her handcuffs and walked over to Tommy to release him.

                “That worked perfectly,” he said.

                “On to the next town, the next school. How many does that make now? Thirty-five? Forty? Well, we’d better get moving.”


Write Fearlessly

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