Someone That Turns (Flash Fiction)

“I’m not Mandy! I’m Angela. You’ve got the wrong sister!”

“Sure, mam. Your evil twin killed all those people.” The detective laughed.

“Check the DNA or something. It’ll prove I’m innocent,” she cried, unable to sit still.

“There’s no DNA or fingerprints. Just two eyewitnesses that put you at the scene of the murders.”

Angela was livid, she could not believe her sister had anything to do with this, and she refused to think that Mandy could have set her up. After all, she had just recently come back into her life.

                6 Months Later

                The curved blade of the knife glided with ease across the woman’s neck as she crumpled to the ground. Blood flowed outward onto the ground surrounding the bits of trash that lay here and there.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

She took off, running around the corner and did her best to outpace the officer but to no avail.

‘I deserve this. I got aggressive and careless.’ She thought as the police car pulled into the station.

“It’s amazing. She looks exactly like her. I can’t believe she wasn’t lying. But how did this one fake her death all those years ago?” Detective Thane was asking the arresting officer. “So which one is she? Angela or Mandy?”

“I’m Mandy, or as the papers have been calling me; the Cook County Killer,” she quipped, not caring at that moment who knew what.

“Well, whichever one you are your sister is going to be happy to hear we have you in custody.”

As she sat surrounded by the other inmates eating, a heavy-set woman in her jumpsuit walked up from behind and whispered, “This is for killing my friend,” and stabbed her in the side of the neck. She instantly fell backward, trying to hold her head up.

The guards tackled the woman, and she put up no fight as she stared at Mandy lying on the ground, gurgling and choking.

The technician came running into the detective’s office, “It’s not her!”

“What? Slow down.” He said.

“It’s not her. It’s not Mandy. It was the sister Angela.”

“What are you talking about?” The detective asked, already sensing the answer.

“Mandy and Angela must have switched places before we released Angela,” the technician was holding the fingerprint analysis.

“But why would Angela go along with trading places with Mandy?”

Getting in her car, she just smiled at the fact that her threat to have their parents killed had worked. Angela sat in jail while she was out and about to leave town for good.

‘Some people are so naïve,’ Mandy said out loud to no one as she closed the car door and started the engine.

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