Finally Free (Flash Fiction)

Lilly ran out the backdoor and over to the nearest house, which was her grandmother’s. Pounding on the door, she screamed, “Call 911.”

While the police searched her house, Lilly sat sobbing in her grandma’s kitchen, reeling from the fact that a gunman had just killed her mom.

“What did you see?” Detective Wasmuth was asking her.

“I was asleep.” Her hands were wet from wiping the tears away, “and I heard two loud pops. I got up and saw a figure running out of my parents’ room toward the front of the house, so I ran out the back over here.”

Another officer came in and pulled the detective aside for a moment.

“Well, Lilly, can you explain why we just found a gun in the hamper in your closet?”

“What? No. It’s not mine,” She was becoming more agitated.

“Listen, I’m gonna have to ask you to come into the station so we can have an official statement and run some tests for gunshot residue,” He stood up and motioned her outside.

Two Weeks Later

                “Who are you here to see?”

“My daughter, Lilly Thompson.”

“This way, Mr. Thompson.”

After being ushered through the metal detector, Paul Thompson cringed at the thought of the conversation he was about to have with his daughter. The new mandated ‘Family First’ law had gone into effect six months ago and was enforced strictly across the country. Most of the people still could not believe the acts they were being forced to commit.

“Hey, Lilly.”

‘Hey, dad. Are you prepared to do what you have to if I’m found guilty?” She was balled up in her cell room bed.

“Let’s not talk about it, ok.”

Three Months Later

                “We, the jury, find the defendant, Lilly Thompson, guilty.”

Lilly hung her head and looked back at her father. The judge called Paul to the front and ordered, “Mr. Thompson, I am placing you, as the next of kin, under the Family First Act, with the task of executing your daughter,” the judge rubbed his eyes and continued, “effective immediately. Report to the scheduled location tomorrow at four PM.”

The next day Paul gathered himself the best he could and headed to the confinement center. Arriving early, he sat in his car and planned what he would do.

After being escorted to the killing room, he walked through the door to see his, Lilly’s, and the guard’s image reflected at him from the one-way mirror.

“Let it begin,” Came over a speaker from the far wall, and the guard stepped forward and handed Paul a pistol.

He raised the weapon. Quickly turned and shot the guard. He fumbled at the man’s keys and tossed Lilly the gun, “shoot anyone who comes in here.” Kneeling over the guard with his back to Lilly, she aimed the pistol and said, “Now you’re going to get yours. Mom already got hers, and you can meet her in hell because that’s where child abusers go!” She pulled the trigger and flesh, and bone exploded from the back of Paul’s skull as he was thrust forward onto the ground.

Lilly tossed the gun aside and sat down in the corner of the room to await her fate.

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