My Small Town Fear.

They say when the fallen leaves are still green, something wicked this way comes. I’ve heard this at least once every Autumn since I was a child.

A little history: in 1695, a small community of farmers set upon a coven of women, brutally attacked, and hung them from the trees just outside of town. The five women were accused of witchcraft and worshipping nature.

So, every fall as the leaves turn and make their journey towards the inevitable the spirits of the five witches of the woods gather deep in the forest to build their energy.

If you notice green leaves falling, the witches have won favor with nature and are heading your way. This is a warning not to go out that night, for you may find yourself confronted by the wrath of the witches.

Does your town have a legend? Please share it here so everyone can sleep a little less tonightπŸ’€πŸŽƒ

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