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The lights came on and the camera spun to life. He sat up straight in his chair and readied himself.

“Just take a deep breath and state your name to the camera,” Dr. Spencer said, as she looked through her notes and continued, “start from the day you and your friends got to the woods. What was the overall atmosphere among everyone at that particular time?” She looked at the camera, “Today is August the tenth, and this is our first interview with Mr. Biggers.

“My name is Flynn Biggers, and this is my story,” he quipped, looking into the camera lens as the memories came rushing back.

Well, it all started July third as me, Jessica, Kate, and Brad at the remote parking of the 700 Acre Forest. It was a bit warm, but the weather was perfect. As we pulled in another group of people were running to their vehicle and spun out of the gravel lot, we should have paid more attention to that, now that I look back. We grabbed our gear and set out for a campsite.

“Har far into the woods, did you go before settling on a spot to stay?” Dr. Spencer asked, turning to her cameraman and giving him a questionable thumbs up.

Flynn closed his eyes and continued.

We hiked back a good two or three hours before setting up camp. It seemed like a great spot, no sign of anyone else for miles. After setting up our tents, we each went in separate directions to gather firewood. I walked out about fifty yards when the scream cut through the air. I ran towards the sound, dodging trees and downed limbs, nearly breaking my neck. I saw Jessica up ahead as the others arrived at her side. She was standing over the mangled remains of a deer carcass, crying. The kill looked so fresh as if it had just been killed. I looked around to see if any predators were waiting in the distance, and seen nothing.

“What do you think did this?” Kate asked.

“I don’t know, coyotes, wolves, or maybe a bear,” Brad hesitantly mentioned.

“There are no tracks,” I said to the rest. Trying to put the scene in some perspective so my mind and the others could grasp it tighter.

“Let’s just head back to camp,” Brad was already turning and heading that way.

As we got back to our tents, the forest seemed quiet. Quieter than it should have been. It was as if all the creatures and insects were hiding. We got a fire going and spent the next few hours in the attempt to gain our confidence back.

“Do you think we’re in danger?” Jessica was still visibly shaken.

“No, if whatever it is comes back, it will go to the deer remains, not toward the fire and us,” Brad said, which gave us all a boost of reassurance that eased the atmosphere.

We all began to relax and loosen up, and all thoughts of something out there faded. Until just before nightfall the air was filled with a half scream half howl that came from every direction. The vocalization echoed and drifted off into an uneasy silence that made us stand in unison. While we looked through the trees lit by the waning sun, everyone shuffled a little closer to the fire.

Brad ran to his tent and returned with a small camp ax.

“How’s that going to help? “Kate nearly screamed at him.

I don’t know. It’s better than nothing, and it’s all we have.” Brad bit back.

“I think we should get the hell out of here.” Jessica was heading over to her tent to grab her pack.

“No, wait, it’s nearly dark, and we can’t take the fire with us. It’s our best defense,” I said, “We should hurry and gather as much firewood as we can before the darkness completely falls on us,” I concluded.

With that, we glanced at each other and split up into two groups and immediately scrounged up as much downed wood we could with the company of a few lanterns. Neither group went far from the fire that now raged in the middle of our camp, our compound.

“Had you seen what was making the sounds at this point?” Dr. Spencer interrupted. “Had you heard the stories that came out of those woods by other eyewitnesses?” she continued, trying to lead Flynn down her narrative.

“Yes, I mean, I’d heard second-hand stories from people who knew someone who saw something or heard something. A hunter who thought he had seen a creature in the distance or hikers that heard howling, but I never took them seriously. It’s one of those things that you just don’t believe until you’ve experienced it,” Flynn trailed off as his eyes teared up.

“Ok, you were huddled around the fire, and it is now dark. What happened next?” Dr. Spencer asked.

Flynn continued, well, it was about ten-thirty by that time, and we were all on edge. We jumped at every noise that broke the silence that surrounded us. Everything seemed to get better until around on A.M. when we began to hear limbs that cracked in the distance. With each one, it got closer to our campsite.

At that point, we were standing with our backs to the fire, holding our lanterns and flashlights trying to see anything we could.

“Look,” Jessica whispered.

With her flashlight, she had locked onto two yellow-green eyes about forty yards away and about twenty feet up in a tree. They just remained there unblinking for what seemed like forever and then vanished, with a loud thud that followed.

“Oh my god, it’s coming!” Jessica screamed and jumped to the other side of the fire as if to protect herself.

We all began to yell into the void of darkness at the sound. “Get out of here! Go away! “making as much noise as we could when a response came back that shook us all to our core. That roar or howl, whatever it was, came with a ferocity of a beast that had already determined its actions. You could not only hear this, but you could feel it in your chest. The vocalization rumbled from the forest like nothing we had ever heard before.

At that point, Dr. Spencer cut in, “Ok, I think we should take a break,” she stood up and walked over to the cameraman and asked how everything was looking.

“It looks good doc,” he went on, “But I think we need to adjust light number two and move in a little closer for the remainder of the shoot.”

Nodding in agreement, she turned to Flynn, “You doing alright? You’re starting to look somewhat pale,” she could see that Flynn was getting worked up, which was good, she thought, but not too much. She did not want the interview to seem staged on film.

Gingerly touching his side, he looked up at Dr. Spencer, “Yeah, I just want to get through this and get back home.”

“Were almost there, Flynn. Maybe another half an hour. We need to readjust some lights and reset the camera; then we’ll be ready.”

“All right, we’re set,” the cameraman quipped and focused in on Flynn as he sat back down.

“After you spotted the eyes and basically heard it jump from the tree. What did you and your friends see? You must have been terrified beyond words at that point.” She pushed her finger to Flynn to cue him to begin.

“Yes, we were, and that’s when the creature came into view,” Flynn rubbed his forehead and continued his tale.

After that horrendous growl, we all focused our lights in its direction. There stood something that instantly charged us on two legs at first and then four as it picked up speed.

Jessica took off immediately, and I hesitated, then went after her. Brad and Kate dove to the side as the monster bounded between them, paying no was as if you ran you became prey and Jessica, and I were the only ones who ran. A few yards into the forest, I lost my footing, and the creature sliced my side with one of its enormous front paws as it jumped over me in pursuit of Jessica.

“Can you show us your wound, for the camera?” Dr. Spencer asked.

Standing up, Flynn lifted his shirt to reveal two, sixteen to eighteen-inch gash marks that ran along his side in a crescent shape. The camera zoomed in on the still bloodied bandages.

“You got that?” She looked at the cameraman, “Ok, we got it, Flynn; thank you, continue.”

“Well,” Flynn sat back down.

It instantly had Jessica by the thigh, by its jaws, relentlessly shaking her back and forth. I climbed to my feet and froze. Brad and Kate ran to my side, and we could do nothing but watch as the beast tore into her. It ended as quickly as it had begun. Jessica was silent and motionless, her head nearly severed.

As the monster turned in our direction, we attempted to stand our ground so as not to provoke its charge, but we quickly realized we were moving backward toward camp, slowly but steadily. The beast lunged when a shot rang out from beside us.

“Get back to your fire,” a voice came through the woods as the creature bounced to the forest floor and steadied itself once again. We ran back, and when I looked behind me, I could see three men with rifles chasing the thing away.

We stood there, thinking about what we had just witnessed. About Jessica, who lay a mere twenty yards from us. Ripped apart by something that could not be real.

“Come on, folks; we’ll get you out of here before it returns,” one of the men said as they arrived back at our camp, “We’ve got it on the run.”

“What about our friend?” was all I could say before they ushered us off to the gravel parking lot. We arrived at our car and called the police. Within twenty minutes, they were there and took us into town.

“Did you ever find out those men were doing out there?” Dr. Spencer asked, trying to bring the interview to a close.

“Yes, I eventually found out they were there to hunt the creature down because there had been sightings of the beast the week before by some hikers. That night they had heard our screams and happened to be at the right place at the right time,” Flynn replied.

“Do you think the thing that attacked you is still out there?”

“Oh, I know it is I can feel it.” Flynn grabbed his side and bent over in his chair.

“Are you alright, Flynn?” She was walking over to him when he fell to his knees and stretched out his arms in front of himself. “Oh my god,” She was at his side, kneeling.

It happened so quickly that Dr. Spencer did not have time to react. A split-up Flynn’s forearm and biceps and down the middle of his back had appeared ripping the flesh apart and revealing blackish-brown matted hair that came forth. This transformation was sudden and exact.

The newly formed beast tore into the doctor and cameraman with ease, splitting them both in two. The four halves fell to the ground in a bloody mess. Flynn, or what was left of him, broke through the motel door that sat on the edge of town, the edge of the 700 Acre Woods, and disappeared into the welcoming trees.

The police arrived at the Evergreen Motel, not knowing what to expect. All they had been told was that someone had destroyed the door to room seven and inside there was a horrifying scene. With guns raised they moved closer to the room and entered. What lay before them they could not quite explain. One thing was sure though, there was a camera, and it was still recording. Whatever happened had been caught on film.



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