Question Of The Week

Would you rather tell a great story to a live audience of thousands or write a great story a few people read?

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7 Responses to Question Of The Week

  1. rsrook says:

    The first one. The second seems more achievable though.

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  2. I used to tell stories, spontaneously generating on the fly, via the lane of round-eyed imagination. As I learn more, I like being a writer more than a teller, though I love telling, but not of stories anymore, or perhaps I cannot anymore while I dream less and lesser.

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  3. Orvillewrong says:

    If only one person appreciated my writing I would be a happy man.


  4. Are you kidding? Like most, I fear public speaking more than death itself. Writing for sure!

    Now if it’s an audience of ducks, that’s a different story indeed!

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