So I Broke My Arm.

My posts have been slacking this past week.πŸ˜ͺ I unfortunately broke me right arm and of course I’m a righty. Typing has become a task to say the least. And to complicate things, even more, my editing feedback starts rolling in in a week and a half. So please forgive me for my absence until this downtime and healing is complete. Have great Friday everyone.

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A stranger in a strange land...
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8 Responses to So I Broke My Arm.

  1. 😲 oh no. I wish you quick mending.


  2. Sending healing energy your way.

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  3. So, I was rightly worrying about you, after a week’s delay of no-post. 😞 Scanned the Google getting what not with similar names, even reading and so on.

    Thank God, you posted back. May you get well soon ! πŸ‘Ό

    Wanted to inform you that your flash fiction prompt has inspired me to write my first flash fiction that I dedicate to you – “The Question”. πŸ’

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  4. rsrook says:

    Egads! I was wondering why I hadn’t seen a post lately! Take it easy, hope the healing goes well.


  5. Elyan White says:

    Oh, Lord. I was wondering where you had gone. it’s a relief to know you have not vanished into phantomhood forever, at least. Make the most of your downtime and don’t push yourself; we’ll all be happy to hear from you again when you’re healed. Many sympathies.

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  6. Oh no, Edward, I’m really sorry to hear of your accident! It looks very bad too, I do hope your healing is very speedy, & you manage to post, when you feel up to it, take care.


  7. Gadget Girl 71 says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear that. I did notice your absence. I hope you recover speedily. Take care of yourself.


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