Question Of The Week

Do you begin your stories with pencil and paper or the computer?

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3 Responses to Question Of The Week

  1. Hey, good question. When I start to write something down, and it’s a story, I start with a paper and pen. My initial planning starts in my head though, and I have the majority of the story plotted before I even get that far. It’s always changes though at that point.

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  2. Elyan White says:

    Usually my notes start in scribbles–“story where x happens to y”–but the first scene comes out in type. The rest of it is PURE chaos. My Nano draft is divided into a world/character/theme note file, a general story file with no chronological order to its scenes whatsoever, and two different full notebooks. Yipes.

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  3. Gadget Girl 71 says:

    All of the above.

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