Word Of The Every Other Day

Prognosticate [prog·nos·ti·cate] v. 

To predict according to present indications or signs; foretell. “The armchair quarterback tried to prognosticate the play from his recliner.”

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2 Responses to Word Of The Every Other Day

  1. An interesting word chosen !

    Elaborating it further,
    ‘diagnosis’ identifies the present based on past, whereas
    ‘prognosis’ estimates the future based on present.
    So, while ‘to predict’ is of an event, ‘to prognosticate’ is of the course of development of that event, sometimes a critical one, as if ‘to portend’.

    Hope, I’m correct. Anyone, please feel free to correct here, if needed.

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  2. Maybe I should rename my posts ‘Word of the every other Oneiridescent.’ 🤔🤗

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