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‘Still nothing. Why can’t I get them to notice me?’

Bradley knew he was dead; he remembered everything. The noose, the chair, and most of all his wanting desire to prove an existence after death. Now he was here, in between the old world and something else. The house remained the same, with a new family inside and going about their lives.

Outside though was a different story. The sun and the moon raced by furiously, and it had kept him from trying to leave so far.

If he could only figure out how to move something, make a noise, or simply appear to one of the new inhabitants.

Walking to the youngest child’s room, he concentrated and tried to knock a picture off the wall. His hand passed straight through it, and his anger got to him.

‘Damn it! What in the hell do I have to do?’ with his frustration boiling he sat down, and the chair toppled over.

“Mom! Mom! There’s something in my room,” the boy cried out.

Bradley stood in amazement. He had done it. He had made contact. ‘Anger. That must be the key.’ With that, he set out to cause destruction and prove his existence from beyond to the family that had no idea he was even there.

Outside the days had begun to slow down until a full moon hung high in the night sky frozen in time. The perpetual glow of the moon drew him out of the house and within a few steps the shadows surrounded him in a circle of wind. He tried to move back as the darkness’s claws lashed and thrashed at him calling his name. He turned toward the house to see the boy looking right at him as the creatures tore at him.

It had been four weeks, two days, and thirteen hours since Bradley hung himself, and now his fate was sealed. Screaming as he went down, he disappeared into the midst of blackness.


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