Pondering My Senses

Existing consciously. Falling helplessly. Attempting to understand. On a stage so grand. A pinpoint in time. What can we hope to find? A speck in space. Decisions made in haste. What feel, touch, and imagine. Which is more real the sensation or the dragon? Can we trust our senses? And the input that is relentless. Seeing is not believing. Understanding not knowing. It’s up to us to decide. Forever we cannot hide. They say every problem has a solution. Those thoughts are steeped in dissolution. By whom will I be told. To go forth and behold. All the while, this weight clings heavy. Not allowing me, I’m not ready. I must wait and pay the price. It’s not a matter of wrong; it’s a matter of right. This puzzle with just one piece. So many choices and so little relief.

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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