How To Write Larger Than Life Characters.

Bigger, better, more, and more and more and more. That’s what larger than life characters are. Hotter than hot. Colder than cold. With a depth that seems almost superhuman.

Crafting characters your readers will want to jump inside of and live out the journey you take them on should be your number one goal as a writer and the video and article that follow will get you there a lot quicker than you ever imagined. The article gives in depth character profiles for 20 larger than life characters for you to study and understand what it is they share with one another. The video goes into the finer points of character development. I hope you take what you learn and use it to sell more booksπŸ˜€

Character Development Video

Crafting Larger Than Life Characters

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  1. “Hotter than hot. Colder than cold.” So true what we seek in stories.

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