How To Use The 3 Act Structure While Plotting Your Novel.

I’ll admit that I pantsed my first novel with little or no planning ahead and while this had its advantages the going was slow and often in reverse. So for my current book, I’ve been plotting and planning for months now, and I have to admit the process isn’t only gratifying, but it is exciting.

I settled in on the 3 act structure for my initial plotting because it gave me direction and of course, structure. The article below is an excellent intro into this particular style of plotting. Within the article are links to each phase of the 3 act structure that will walk you through on what needs to be accomplished at each stage. There is also a short video link talking about the 3 act structure and how you can benefit from it.

The 3 Act Structure

3️⃣ Act Structure Video

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4 Responses to How To Use The 3 Act Structure While Plotting Your Novel.

  1. Yes. A minimum of 3-Act ! Very well pointed out.

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  2. Irony! How did you know that’s how I was approaching my current novel? Haha, small world!

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