How To Choose The Right Main Character.

So you have an idea for a story. You may have the tantalizing end twist in mind or even the grand opening scene that will hook your readers. You’ve probably even thought about some of the secondary characters. The mentor, the sidekick, or even the love interest have popped into your mind, and you have given them interesting quirks and little sayings but have you locked down your main character?

Is he/she the perfect match to carry your story? With a few answers to some well-placed questions, you will be on your way to locking down that all-important main character. The article that follows will help you fine-tune your main character into one that will withstand the weight of your prose and have readers pulling for them at every turn. I’ve included a short YouTube video on how to write great protagonists, which I hope will give you some indispensable advice on crafting unforgettable main characters.

Crafting Great Protagonists Video

Finding Your Perfect Main Character

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