Why You Need To Be Writing Flash Fiction.

I know I’ve been harping on flash fiction for a while now, but I’m a firm believer that anyone who learns to write captivating flash fiction will also improve their longer works.

This is true in so many ways. Flash fiction improves your editing, raises the conflict stakes, gets more done with less, and so on. The video below from Flash Fiction Online will walk you through all the benefits of writing shorter prose. I hope you give it a watch and let yourself explore the world of Flash Fiction.

Why Write Flash Fiction

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6 Responses to Why You Need To Be Writing Flash Fiction.

  1. Nila Eslit says:

    Thank you for the tips (in the video).
    The Catalyst

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  2. ShiraDest says:

    I hadn’t considered it before, but I’ll see if I can see the transcript (I am not a watcher of videos), while letting my rough draft rest. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hmm, my first drafts are always pretty sparse. Maybe some time I should try to pare one down instead of fluffing it up.

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