Documatica (Flash Fiction)


Neville thanked the delivery man, shut the door, and hurried to his backroom office. He tore open the package, and the video fell out. Pushing the tape into the player, he sat down with pen and paper in hand.

The images came to life, and he listened as his friend began to speak in front of the background of grass huts and jungle.

“Hi, my name is Lucas Elks, and I stand here in the village of the newly discovered Leegrah tribe deep inside the confines of the Amazon.” The video went fuzzy for a second and then returned. “Good day Neville, how’d you like my opening?”

Neville just smiled and thought ‘Get on with it.

“Well, the following is from the tribe elder and from what I can gather is supposed to be their oldest creation myth. I hope you can translate it. This could bring to light the beginnings of this isolated group of people. If anyone can do it, it’s you old friend. Good luck.”

With that Neville readied his pen with one hand and the remote with the other.

Four weeks later, after pausing and playing and endless rewinding he thought he had it. Walking over to his desk he placed the notepad under the lamp and began to read the translation out loud in its entirety. Finishing the last line he felt confident of his work. He stood up to leave the room when he heard a growl from behind him. His desk started to shake, and one massive, green-scaled paw reached out from within his notepad that had his translation written upon it. As he stared in horror, the full body of the creature emerged and arched its back.

The thing was easily eight feet tall and massive at the shoulders. Its body was covered in greenish-brown scales. The legs were spindly and bent backward at the knees. More massive jaws lined with blackened saliva dripping from teeth that clipped up and down.

Neville stood frozen in disbelief and fear. He merely stood mesmerized as the monster crossed the room. He could not even scream.

After devouring Neville, it crawled back into the pages of the translation from where it had come, from where it was summoned.


Write Fearlessly

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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2 Responses to Documatica (Flash Fiction)

  1. KT Workman says:

    Some books have teeth. 😊
    Good story.

    Liked by 1 person

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