Apathy A While

Am I awake I can’t be certain. The shades are drawn-I’ve pulled the curtains. Hope flutters from my side. This person I’ve become that precise disguise. A million deaths-Every hour I’ve died. With laughter and wonderment, I desperately cried. In this world, I’ve created-This world I see. What is never was and what isn’t will be? Who is to say what I believe in now? The one who was me is forgotten somehow. But maybe just maybe someday I’ll return. To light up a resistance and watch it burn. With this apathy, I’ve become. With this apathy, I’m done. This time I will change. While forever the same.

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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2 Responses to Apathy A While

  1. It IS a writer’s writeup ! But your poetries have newlines missing, though they bear rhymes.

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