The Fallen

They came at night. With blinding sight. To whom should I tell? From the heavens, they fell. One by one. With many more to come. Are these the ones who’d been cast out? Some questioned-Others no doubt. Had the kingdom been feld? To our hopes we held. Like shooting stars only more. They fell to the ocean and washed ashore. The people came close with a faithful stare. Wing-clipped angels, naked and bare. The end has begun, one stood and said. For he is gone-God is dead. The people refused to believe. Even though what they could hear and see. The one who had spoken continued to say. Evil reigns in heaven-Its the end of days. You, as Gods favorite, will be the last to go. We were the first the Devils power to show. As the people looked up, the sky burst into flame. What have we done-Are we to blame?

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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