Question Of The Week

What things do you absolutely need before you can begin writing? (Music, your pet around, darkness, solitude, etc.)

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7 Responses to Question Of The Week

  1. KT Workman says:

    Solitude for sure, and no distractions of any kindβ€”no music or tv, no window to look out.

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  2. I like a bright room, a comfy chair, and I listen to Alexa playing Cosmic from healing sounds menu. 😊

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  3. rsrook says:

    I like to take a walk beforehand. I pace a lot when I write too. Usually talking to myself like a crazy person in a way that disturbs my neighbors. Can’t help it. I get fidgety when I’ve got ideas.

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  4. Solitude to start writing, & I’m happy to write while I’m walking alone. I don’t mind natural distractions from the outdoors, in fact they inspire me.

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