We Are Everywhere (Flash Fiction)

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We Are Everywhere


                As the two cars collided, Dillon’s arm was caught in between the clashing metal and glass. With his final act before passing out he pulled his right arm from the elbow down off and away from the melded machines. His amputated limb pumped blood onto the pavement, swirling it’s thickness down into the gutter.

                Waking in his hospital bed, he immediately pulled the tubes from his severed arm and jumped to his feet. He grabbed his phone from the plastic bag that contained his clothes and called his girlfriend.


                “Hey, Megan, I need you to pick me up at Malley’s.”

                “What are you doing there? You drinking already?” She asked.

                “Just do it. I can’t explain right now,” Dillon was already feeling his right forearm beginning to regenerate, and he hoped he had time before ‘they’ showed up.

                Walking out of the hospital he noticed two of them across the street watching him. ‘Damn it,’ he thought out loud. He took off in a hurry hoping to outrun them, even though he knew he could not. Thinking his only chance was to get away from people, he bolted away from downtown.

                The two watchers did not move; they merely touched a few passersby and jumped into their minds. Now walking in the direction of Dillon, they kept a close eye on him as he ran.

                Once away, Dillon pulled his growing arm out from beneath his jacket and felt that his time was about up. He knew what they were capable of. After all, he was one of them. However, he had become fond of his time here and did not want to leave what he had built and accomplished behind.

                A hand touched his shoulder, and he instantly knew his fate had been sealed.

                With no words spoken, he was suddenly transported to the nearest field outside of the city.

                “You’ve been detected,” one of the watchers said dryly.

                “No, I haven’t. No one knows anything. Please,” Dillon shouted knowing they did not care.

                The light in the sky grew more significant as it got closer, eventually appearing directly above and hovering there until it touched down right in front of them, the sounds of gases releasing as it did.

                “Let me stay!”

                The machine opened its entrance, and Dillon was led inside.

                “You are being reverted,” The resonating voice said. “You have been exposed, and that cannot happen. The risk is too great to the plan.”

                As the door closed, Dillon was stripped of his biological being, and the ship drifted off into space, headed back to his home world.


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