Friend & Foe (Horror Flash Fiction)

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                “I will stop you from telling them about me. In fact, I will keep you from talking at all.”

                “Stop! Leave me alone! I won’t say anything,” his meek voice quivered in comparison to hers.

                The sun was hours away, and the neon hotel sign flickered through the front window. Basking him in a reddish glow as his eyes began to well up.

                “Why did you run to them? They cannot help us. No one can help us,” she had the knife in hand and was willing to do what was necessary.

                Holding his mouth open she pinched his tongue and started to cut, “This will teach you!”

                Screaming as the blade tore through the moistened meat the door flew open and two police officers rushed in.


                The two cops stood stunned to see a man cutting out his own tongue as he kneeled on the floor.

                “Make her stop.” The guy was mumbling, as he held the knife. They tackled him and secured the weapon. His tongue flapped at the corner of his mouth hanging on by a sliver of flesh.

                The next day the doctors had done their best to reattach the nearly severed tongue.

                As he lay strapped in the secure hospital room he began to speak.

                “See what I’m capable of? Keep your words to yourself.”

                “Why’s he talking in a woman’s voice,” the detective asked.

                “Help me,” they heard the guy say in a scared little boys voice.


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