Malevolent Mondays——At The Center Of The Maze (Horror Flash Fiction)

                Hello, folks. Well, my first novel ‘Jacob’s Pass’ (A Psychological/Mystery) is finally finished, and I have just signed the contract with an editor. It should be ready for publication in November/December period. With that project out-of-the-way, for now, I am going to have some extra time on my hands so I thought I would add another section to this blog by introducing ‘Malevolent Mondays’. It is going to be an offshoot of ‘Friday Frighteners’ in that it will contain Horror Flash Fiction and hopefully push me to keep up with my ‘words per day’ writing schedule (which is much easier when you constantly have projects going) and allow me to work on my Flash Fiction skills. While I still plan on researching my next novel ‘The Severed’ through the spring and summer months, I won’t start writing on it till I get my first book back from the editor and I have had the chance to touch it up and get it ready for publishing. With that said. I hope you enjoy the first installment of ‘Malevolent Mondays’ as it begins with a tale of mind-reading abilities and how that can lead down a dark and dangerous path.

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 At The Center Of The Maze


                Gloria Gallow had always kept her gift to herself. The best-kept secrets, she figured, were the ones you held onto by yourself. So, her ability to read minds was always left unsaid. Although her power had helped her to live a well to do life, it also left her isolated and unable to connect with another truly. Until that is, she met Andrew.

                It was late one evening at a gallery opening that she first laid eyes on him and she was immediately attracted. Would he pass the test though, she wondered?

                As she approached him, he turned.

                “Nice to meet you, Ms. Gallow.”

                “How did you…”

                “Your reputation precedes you, Gloria.”

                She could not get a good read on him. Curious, she thought, only a few blurry images were being picked up, and this intrigued her even more.

                “My name is Andrew and, or, well, and I would like to take you somewhere.” He glanced and smiled at the murder scene painting that hung in front of them.

                ‘Still nothing,’ she was beginning to think that this man’s mind was the one she had been looking for her whole life. A mind she could not read. She stared into his ocean blue eyes and simply said, “Let’s go.”

                Andrew was slightly unhinged in his surprise that his new technique had worked so well. He led Gloria to Fench Park and then they sat down in front of a massive fountain that rumbled with water flow.

                “Can you tell what I’m thinking Gloria yet?”

                “Of course not,” she shyly said. Then the gate opened, and all his thoughts came rushing to her.

                “Yes, there they are. You’re not the only one who can read minds, Gloria.”

                His hands were around her neck, and as she slowly began to slip away, the last thought she read was, ‘You’re an abomination! We’re all abominations!”


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