Controlled Burn (Horror Flash Fiction)

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Controlled Burn

“I must have redemption,” Sophia assured herself. “With this match I am reborn.”
As she dropped the burning match onto the floor, the gasoline went up into flames and quickly spread over her body.

The pain crept in and rapidly faded. The fire began to seep into her skin until it subsided leaving only the room ablaze. She walked out of the abandoned house as the flames slowly started to appear from the rooftop.

Walking home, she was approached by a man in a car that stopped beside her and motioned her over.

“You need a ride home, honey?”

She looked at the stranger, and her anger immediately started boiling up.

“It’s ok; I know your parents. You live on Conner Street don’t you.” He smiled and opened the passenger door.

“You know my parents?” She asked as she climbed in.

“Yeah, Bill and Debbie, right?”

Once she settled into the seat, her mind relaxed and started seeing the possibilities. “Then you know what these are.” She pointed at the burn marks on her arm.

“Sure, your parents shouldn’t do that to you, but you probably deserve it sometimes.”
With that, she grabbed his hand tightly and closed her eyes. When she opened them, he had burst into flames and was stumbling out of the car.

She exited her side and watched as a crowd of people came running up. They stood back from the pile of melting flesh and never noticed her walking away.

Once again heading home she could not wait for her parents to come into her room.

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A stranger in a strange land...
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  1. Superb, Edward..there’s a whole, thrilling, concealed back story there!

    Liked by 1 person

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