The Challenge of Writing Exes that Don’t Hate Each Other

Very interesting advice.

Legends of Windemere

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I’m not sure if I’ll be writing tips or just a regular paragraph discussion post because I don’t know what to really say.  Writing Mab and Clyde was a challenge because they had such a long history.  They’d loved, broken up, and went back to each other, which means they already found a way to put the past behind them.  It’s almost like you missed out on another story, but it’s really one that isn’t as interesting to tell as War of Nytefall.  The two of them were actually your standard vampire thief couple, which is a reason why their new status as Dawn Fangs is played up as life-changing.  This really doesn’t help with the subject though.

Whenever we read about exes, it tends to be messy or played up for comedy.  One of the former pair is commonly some kind of a jerk and…

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