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Pointless Overthinking

The Story Matters Most – Guest PostDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   This is the form of therapy that we benefit the most, as bloggers. If we think about it, that’s why the writers write. They want to express what’s inside them and this eases their inner universe. The ideas or the pain get out and once the separation happened, the writers feel relieved.

   A while back I wrote about the importance of having a personal journal. I’ve mentioned that “Through writing we’ll be training our mind to give a logical shape to those thoughts which is much easier to deal with compared with some shady thoughts” (the original post can be found here). Besides exteriorizing whatever’s inside that needs to get out, shaping those dragons and dealing with them one at a time is the biggest advantage writing therapy has over other types of therapy.

   Of course, we can combine them to have…

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3 Responses to The Writing Therapy

  1. Very interesting read, great post! Writing is, indeed, very therapeutic. I know how starting to write down my poems has given me a huge boost. Expressing the beauty of what I see & wanting others to share that feeling, & also write the odd one or two that have hidden thoughts contained in them, has been incredibly freeing. However, that’s all small fry. One of the most admirable ways in which I’ve known writing to make such a difference is an organisation from the USA called, “Songwriting With Soldiers “ who help army veterans, who have been through trauma, and/or suffering from PTSD, express themselves through songwriting, which has started to help many on their healing journey. One such singer/songwriter, called Mary Gauthier, made a whole album with vets, which was Grammy nominated this year. I

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    • I’m an Army veteran and know all too well the desperations of combat. I spent thirteen months in Afghanistan and saw and did things I wish I could forget. Writing has been the best therapy I have ever experienced. I will look into ‘Songwriting With Soldiers.’ Thank you for your tip.

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      • Oh goodness, Edward, most of us have no comprehension whatsoever, of what you, & other soldiers could’ve been through during your service. We are the lucky ones. The album by Mary & several veterans, is called Rifles And Rosary Beads, & is classed as folk music. Mary’s own life has definitely had its share of ups & downs, and is fascinating in itself. I’ve seen her play live in the uk & she is incredibly engaging. I’m sure her rapport with veterans is deep & empathetic. I’m glad I mentioned Songwriting With Soldiers now, they do superb work!

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