Micro Poetry

If only to realize.

In the end I died.

The story had lied…

About G.Edward Smith

Looking...Looking...and trying to find...
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3 Responses to Micro Poetry

  1. Just 12 words..yet how many more stories would have been written in life, had that been the truth? It really made me think, Edward..so profound!

    • Thank you Debbie. Your poem Granny’s Lemons really put a smile on my face yesterday.

      • Amazing how so few words can be so powerful, expertly expressed, Edward..but then, that’s why you’re a writer. 😊 I’m glad you enjoyed Granny’s Lemons, I wish it had really been my Granny, as we were very close, I imagined it was her, but she passed away when I was 12. Still, it was nice to rekindle her memory.

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