Upcoming 2019 Novel (Jacobs Pass)

Updated prologue for my soon to be released novel Jacob’s Pass.

A Writer's Existence


The splintering bark showered him as the shot exploded into the tree a mere foot from his head.
“You can’t hide. I know every corner of this forest, and it will be your burying-ground.”
Cresting the hill, he was drawn faster and further from the other. The downward pull gave him enough time to look over his shoulder and see the brim of the others hat as it came into view. “You must let this go! Accept the truth and understand its implication.”
“The truth…I am your truth. I am your death to come.”
With that, the second bullet sprang loose, and a branch to his left crumpled to the ground. Hoping to catch his trailer off guard, he spun around a downed Oak and quickly pulled his trigger. The puff of smoke rose into the air as his chaser was spun around and thrown to the ground. A…

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