Tuesday Morning Ramblings

Woke up tis morning with book covers on my mind. I was wondering how other self-published authors create their book covers? For my two poetry books I used Adobe Spark, but for my upcoming novel, I am thinking of hiring someone to do the heavy lifting for the artwork. I have been checking into book cover design services lately, and have decided to go with BespokeBookCovers.com for my first novel’s cover. They are well priced, and their work is impeccable from what I can tell. You can check them out here:

Here, also, is a short video I found on YouTube about this subject. Enjoy.

So if anyone out there is reading this, can you drop me a comment on how you get your covers created? Do you do it yourself or maybe you have used a different company in the past that you would recommend. Thanks for reading.

Write Fearlessly

It doesn’t matter if your book is fiction, non-fiction or geared toward children; the book cover design is the first thing potential customers see. Most consumers decide just within a few seconds whether or not they’ll pick up your book and give it a shot. Don’t let an amateurish book cover destroy your chance at the sale!

Why Does High-Quality Book Cover Design Matter?

 First and foremost, the book cover matters because most people judge books by their covers. In fact, we recently surveyed over 2,100 people on Facebook, where we asked whether or not book covers play a large role in buying books. The response was overwhelming: 76% of our respondents stated that the cover design plays a large role in their purchases. Other surveys have shown that up to 80% of respondents believe book covers are a factor in book sales. With the majority of people agreeing that the cover design is hugely important in the book buying process, you should make sure your focus is on ensuring your book has the best design possible. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on sales!
 A poorly designed cover could limit the amount of reviews your book receives. Most professional reviewers will not review self-published books that look amateurish. Without solid reviews, your book could be stuck in obscurity.
 Another reason to have a great cover design: Book buyers for brick-and-mortar stores have been known to “snub” books with poorly designed covers. If you want your book to be on shelves, your cover design needs to be top-notch!
 Your cover design needs to be outstanding if you want your self-published book to have any chance at winning an award. Most book award competitions take the book cover design into account in one way or another. Some competitions won’t even look twice at your book if it looks lackluster.
 Your book cover will end up being your most important marketing tool — the first component of your book that most people will see and experience. Without a quality cover, your chances of success will be greatly reduced.

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