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All these secrets to hold and keep
She has miles to go before she sleeps
A traveler not lost with what she found
To lift them high or bury them down

Left to her own sight
She can burn permanently bright
More to come—Never just one
So many minds when she is done

Appearing to me in her guise
What I want—What she decides
Following her words here and there
Leading the way without a care

The irresistible journey never ends
She is that which always begins
Once in her yearning grasp
A crumpled and fallen lonely mass

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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1 Response to Lyretry

  1. LeeSoyer says:

    Brightness is not ought to be dead
    and I can sense you’ve so much live
    to fight depression you feel dread
    and everyday you must survive.

    A loneliness mass you may feel
    a loneliness mass not what you are
    from depression you may heal
    by taking care of those scars.

    How hurt? I don’t really know
    But there’s something I may say
    Love and compassion hope it glow
    and comes to you as sunlight in a ray.

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