Friday Frighteners

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Darkness Calls

“Why are you to decide her fate?”
“I am her true being. The one she has relied upon ever since the accident.”
“Yes, but I can make her fly, soar above this wasted life.” The first was saying, getting louder.
The second replied, “You just want her to follow you. To become what you have become.”
“Of course, that is what I did for the last one, and it is what I will do for the next.”
“Emily, remember your mom and how she would read you a story every night before turning off the light,” the first one whispered.
“Yes, remember the darkness she left you in. the fear that you felt Emily, it is real.”
“Think of tomorrow and what it could bring.”
“Tomorrow will be more of the same. I will remain,” the second was becoming agitated.
She threw open the door to the roof and walked to the edge. “I’m doing this for both of you and neither of you, I’m doing this to shut you both up and get you out of my head.” She was crying as she stepped into the empty air and plummeted twenty stories to the ground below.

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