Friday Frighteners

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Happily Ever Never

With the final limb severed, Kyle looked down with pride at his work.

“Another masterpiece, unfortunately, this is the last one.”

This was the last one for the thirtieth time. The satisfaction never lasted, never held his urge at ease for very long. Why can’t I stop? The hunting was a mere primer for the abduction. The torture a prelude to the killing. However, what he loved the most was the dismemberment, he had it figured to a science, and it was the separating of the whole into wonderfully beautiful pieces that left his soul and mind gripped in joy.

“This one is it. Remember it well Kyle, remember it well,” he whispered to himself.
Six hours later and he was back on the streets downtown looking for the next. One more and that’s it. He noticed a woman walking her dog as he drove by her. He parked his car on the next street over and looked around the corner. He was already imagining her in pieces, those wonderfully beautiful pieces. This is the last one. He thought to himself.

Just then he heard the voice.

“Give me your wallet!”

He turned in time to see the flash of the gun pointed squarely in his face.

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