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The Ghost that wasn’t There

Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you even believe in such a thing? The dictionary defines a ghost as:



–the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.
–a mere shadow or semblance; a trace: He’s a ghost of his former self.
–a remote possibility: He hasn’t a ghost of a chance.

Now, when I was seventeen I got a job at a theater called the Crump, it was one of those historic buildings in my home town that had bee reopened to show movies. This place was awesome, classic architecture, great feel, and even had a smell to it that just made you smile when you walked in. It was a smallish one screen theater, and I worked with about eight others who all said the place was haunted.
I’d been there for about a month and had heard everyone’s stories about things they had seen. My manager, his name eludes me after all these years, but I remember he was one of those EMO/Goth guys about ten years older than me. A nice guy who was always friendly. Anyway. One evening after the movie had started and the audience on the main floor was happily enjoying the show, my manager was in the balcony, which was closed to the public, came running down the stairs all freaked out because he had just seen one of the seats flipping back and forth on its own.
I had my doubts, to be sure. I didn’t believe in ghosts and all that paranormal stuff back then. However, after working there a while, I began to wonder. Maybe it was a case of being around people who did believe, a mass hysteria type thing. I would go through all these theories what people were witnessing. Like the idea that all of time is happening at once in unison and every once in a while someone from our time could catch a glimpse from some other time; that made more sense to me than some disembodied soul of some person who had died.
Then came November twenty-first, eleven twelve PM, yes I remember the exact time. This guy everyone called ‘Roach’ and I were cleaning the main floor after the last feature. The place was closed, and we were two of the only three people in the building. After cleaning the aisles, we grabbed the trashbags walked up to the stage in front of the massive screen. As I crossed I caught a sight of a man standing in the front row of the balcony. It lasted only a second or two, but it froze me in my tracks. ‘Roach’ turned to look at me and said, “You saw him didn’t you?” “Who?” I said. He then began to describe what I thought I had seen to me to a tee, without me telling him what I saw. He had known what I had seen because he had seen it before.
What I saw was a man in a suit and a brimmed hat, kind of like how they dressed in the thirties or forties — just standing there, watching.
Now I can’t say if I believe in ghosts or not, but I have seen one.
What about you?

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