Tuesday Morning Ramblings

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Damn the Universe

So there I sat typing away at my next story when the universe decided to take notice of my insignificant self. Looking up at my screen, I noticed all my words have begun to run together. My space bar had stopped working. I hit the thing a few more times with a little more force and nothing. ‘Oh well,’ I thought and dug out my old keyboard and got it ready. I went back, added spaces to my run-on word, and began to type again. Within the next sentence is the word ‘very’ and wouldn’t you know it the ‘v’ and ‘e’ keys are not working on this !@#$ing keyboard. “Damn you universe,” I grumbled to myself.
Now I can appreciate the aesthetics of nearly any human made object but as to its inner workings; they elude me. Basically, I am mechanically challenged. So, with less than high hopes, I pop the space bar off my original keyboard and stare in amazement. “What the hell is that?” So simple and yet unfathomably complicated.
Now I don’t know if you’ve ever (there’s two ‘v’s in the past two words if you were wondering if I got the other keyboard working-I didn’t) taken a key off, but apparently, there is a spring, some glue, and what looked like some kind of contact points. I touch the spring, and it entirely comes loose. “Damn you universe!”
The next hour is spent fumbling and cursing. I finally got the spring attached, sort of, and snap the button back on. Nothing. After I popped the key back off I pushed the spring and voila, it worked, at least about every fourth or fifth try. If I never post again, you will know that I got electrocuted by that damn spring. Resigning myself to a job well done I quickly get online and order a brand spanking new keyboard. My new-fangled companion should be here by Friday.
So when you start typing up your next great story, be wary of the universe and higher powers because they might just take notice of you.
By the way, it took me nearly a half an hour to type this short post, stupid space bar, so I hope you enjoyed it😉

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