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Ever wonder I you’re abusing a word or phrase? I know this particular problem plagues me on a daily basis. Grammarly I love you! Keep your enemies close and your thesaurus closer. Here are some commonly over-used words. Are you guilty? Or, are you innocent?

Over-Used Adjectives in Writing

A noun is a person, place, or thing – and an adjective should describe the noun in more detail (eg, “successful writers”). Some writing teachers say that adjectives are wholly unnecessary, while others advise writers to use sparingly. It’s up to you, fellow scribes…
1. Many
2. Pretty
3. Nice
4. Kind
5. Pleasant
6. Tall/short/fat/skinny
7. Big/little
8. Shimmering
9. Absolutely
10. Same exact
11. Truly unique
12. Quite
13. Funny
14. Many
15. Incredible
16. A lot
17. Bad/good
18. Roaring
19. Interesting
20. Amazing
21. Any
“As to the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out.” ~ Mark Twain.
Writing tip: Replace your boring over-used tired limp adjectives with strong nouns (eg, instead of “successfully obtains”, use “wins”). Using too many adjectives is a common writing mistake for all writers – not just newbies.

Over-used Adverbs in Writing

A verb contains all the action: writing, editing, getting published, signing copies of your book for fans. An adverb helps describe the action, and can often be unnecessary (see? I used “often be”, which is totally unnecessary. So is “totally”! You see how difficult good writing is?!?!).
1. Very
2. So
3. Kind of
4. Really
5. Totally
6. Actually
7. Seems
8. Suddenly
9. Probably
10. Could have
11. Hopefully
12. Just
13. Perfect
14. Viciously
15. Usually
Fellow scribes, remember that an over-used adverb can taste delicious when used in a surprising way.

If all these over-used words in writing are too much for you, read Writing Motivation for Struggling Writers.

Over-Used Clichés in Writing

“Any great truth can – and eventually will – be expressed as a cliché…and a cliché is a sure and certain way to dilute an idea.” ~ Solomon Short.
1. Writing on the wall
2. Cry over spilled milk
3. Better late than never
4. Think outside the box
5. At the end of the day
6. The bottom line
7. It’s not rocket science
8. Easy as pie
9. Smart as a whip
10. Taking candy from a baby
11. Love makes the world go ‘round
12. Selling like hotcakes
13. In the nick of time
14. Go get ‘em, tiger!
15. When life gives you lemons…
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