Friday Frighteners

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Friday Frighteners is something new I am trying out for my Flash Fiction fix. I have been reading a lot of horror floors lately and wondered if I could write some short-short chilling stories (100-250 words) of horror. So, here is my attempt at that, I hope this will become an every Friday effort, and I hope you enjoy, here we go.

A Chance is Given

Lost and lovely, maybe some more emotion, if for no other reason than to find an audience.
Her hair glows amber from the neon lights outlining her pale cherub face. Her eyes are sunken’ from a long night of walking the side streets of tucked away villas and lively house fronts.
“Hey, beautiful, where you are going?”
She turned and saw him for the first time, “Hey stranger;” she said walking closer to him.
The knife came out swiftly and was thrust at her in a wrath only she could return as she changed. The metamorphosis was exact and unforgiving. The blood was graceful in careful directions as she stood above the man’s body and wondered if she could forgive herself for taking another life. Will they ever understand? The teeth and claws sunk back again, revealing her human self.
‘I hate this form, why can’t I be myself in this world.’
Then she realized why: another man walked by her, and she approached.
‘Another death is my only hope,’ and the lifeblood flooded from her withdrawing teeth, her claws ripped away from the flesh as she stood up and giggled at herself.

About G.Edward Smith

A stranger in a strange land...
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