Thursday Thoughts


Ever wonder about the Matrix? Remember that film? I’m pretty sure it was a cosmological theory before becoming a pop culture stereotype. Anyway, some of the ideas brought up in the movie I find extremely interesting and, if I may say so, profoundly insightful. Now I don’t know if the world has already been conquered by an alien race of digital beings and we have simply become fodder for the machine, but it seems to me we should at least take the time to think about our reality and how we perceive it-don’t you?
Recall in the movie when Mr. Smith explains to Morpheus that when they tried to classify humans, they had a problem doing so. Until they concluded that we are more akin to a virus than any other species on the planet because we move into an environment and overtake it and destroy it. Unlike other creatures that find a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings. Damn that rings true to my ears and sensibilities-how about you?
Maybe you can remember when Mr. Smith talks about the building of the Matrix and how they attempted to program it so humans would live the perfect existence while in it. Only to find that this original version kept failing, kept crashing until they realized that humanity based their reality on pain, suffering, and loss. Happiness turns out isn’t our milieu. Kind of makes you think about what all great art is really about. Be it literature, art, or music, they all seem to stem from someone suffering in life. Now, that frilly, happy art might be nice to observe, listen to, and read but it doesn’t carry with it the weight that real art brings with it. Does it? Possibly a conversation for a later date.
Why is this? Can we ever achieve ultimate happiness within our big brains? I’m not sure, but I know we spare no expense at trying to. Wars, genocide, and ideological differences are all attempts of one side trying to bring happiness into their world view and being. Only to have that attempt bring death and despair to the world. Crazy, right? Are we all truly that ignorant to ultimate truth? I know I am. My mind can hardly grasp my personal pain and suffering and an attempt to understand true happiness is surely a pipe dream I’ll never achieve. However, if the Matrix is right, do I ultimately want to achieve true happiness? Everything might just come crumbling down at that point and where would that leave me? Where would that leave us all?
So as you go about your day, look around and try to figure out what your fellow humans are striving for. Are they stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering that gives them meaningful experiences and something to look forward to? Or, are they blissfully happy? Those are the ones that you can either endeavor to be or, as I would suggest, be very wary of because they are more than likely the Mr. Smith in your neck of the Matrix.

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