Writing & Editing Software

Which writing and editing software do you utilize? I have tried many over the years and have settled on these three, which I find extremely useful and helpful in my daily musings.
I’ll try to give you a quick rundown of each and how they might help you as well.


First I will go with Grammarly. This sweet program will tighten up your writing with helpful hints on grammar and punctuation. It’s a nice add-on to Widows Word and will follow you as you write. The smartphone app is also excellent for on the go posts. It runs a much more in-depth analysis of your writing than any word processor available and is highly recommended for all writers and bloggers.

Write to Done is relatively new to me but I have to say that I am falling in love with it with every passing day. I have tried other software of this nature and could never really get into them as much as I have with this one. It has an easy to use interface and flows nicely as your project moves along in its birth. From conception to finish, this awesome program will be there for you all the way. I especially love the character creation and builder options, which allow you to create realistic and believable characters. Scene description options and outline features will blow you away. The price is good for what you get, and worth the money in my opinion.

Master Writer is the best for improving your vocabulary and creative word choices for your writing. I always run my writing through this software before I consider the second revision. It will open a whole new world of synonyms, word choices, and word families to you and will never let you down.

I have added some Youtube links so you can check these programs out and learn a little more about them. They are worth the watch, so check them out.
Hope this has helped you out with some possible writing and editing software ideas. If you use something other than what I have mentioned here, please post them, and I will look them up. I am always looking for something better.
Write Fearlessly

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