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verb (used with object), mollified, mollifying.

Definitions for mollify
  1. to soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease.
  2. to mitigate or reduce; soften: to mollify one’s demands.
Citations for mollify

…my mother would be dragged from unconsciousness, hoisting herself grimly out of bed, shuffling across the hall to mollify and soothe, while I slept through it all, conked out like a slug drowning in beer, evading the fallout from my crimes. Margaret Atwood, “The Headless Horseman,” Moral Disorder and Other Stories, 2006

Linda was friendly on the first day and a few hours into the second, but then she turned her back, assumed the hostile air that could drive me insane. Not when it was only me subjected to it because I was used to this and knew how to counter it, but when others were. Then I had to step in, try to mollify Linda, try to mollify Yngve, and keep the channels open. Karl Ove Knausgaard, My Struggle: Book Two: A Man in Love, translated by Don Bartlett, 2013

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