This is my first personal post, nothing to do with writing fiction, and you probably will not see too many of these because I’m a pretty uninteresting guy. However, this morning I awoke to my cat purring in my ear; I mean so close I could feel her breath on my skin. This has to be evolutions closest attempt to the most relaxing, calming, and comforting sensation that has ever graced the world. I wish upon every reader of this the opportunity to experience this feeling at some point in their life.

Write Fearlessly

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6 Responses to Serica

  1. HT Bellaqua says:

    I totally dig my cat and have moments like this all the time. I know this feeling and it is GOOD.


  2. ghoststoriesfiction says:

    Awe bless, don’t our pets bring us such comfort when we need it. I have a dog and she is loyal and loving, she looks fierce but is daft as a brush! The cat next door lives to torment her some what! I would love a cat but I know my dog wouldn’t! Lol. Aren’t our pets great aye. Speak soon.

    Liz 🙂


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