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chiWhat would you do if you found pure, undisputable evidence that God or any higher power did not exist? That religion was nothing more than our ancestors attempt to understand the world around them, an early science if you will, spawned from even earlier myths and stories. On the other hand, what if the opposite were to happen, you found absolute proof that God/Gods did exist. Would you tell the world, just a few close friends, or maybe keep the information to yourself because of how you thought people would react to such definitive information?

Can’t wait to read your answers on this one, I know what I would do, but I’ll share that tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Question of the Week

  1. If I found definitive evidence that there are no gods I would continue to do exactly as I’m doing.
    If I found definitive evidence that gods exist I would need do nothing because such evidence requires that more than I know it.

    On a personal level, if I found definitive evidence that they do exist I would parlay for an audience in which I would ask many questions. Knowing that a god exists does not require that I worship such a being. They would still need to show themselves worthy of my servitude.


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