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frus     Do you keep, or attempt to keep, a writing schedule? Two hundred words a day, five hundred, or maybe even a chapter a day—personally, I have tried keeping a schedule but failed miserably. If I’m not in the mood to write then I simply can’t write, or hate what comes out. I find that the creative juices flow stronger and faster, for me, in the wee hours of the morning when my brain is trapped and caught between reality and wonderland. Well enough rambling; in case you missed it here’s the weekly question again (would love to hear your thoughts/advice on the subject). Do you keep, or attempt to keep, a writing schedule?

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1 Response to Question of the Week

  1. I do but the kids get me busy and I forget. I usually only write short amounts, however. A mere mommy/adoption blogger. I don’t get much feedback, though I have a couple of hundred or so readers. I keep trying to determine if I write for myself, for others (such as my family, their birth families and other families through adoption), or for my kids to read one day as a very detailed baby book. Either way I do write. I suppose I take turns between the audiences.


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