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Hey writers. I’m been wondering lately about publishing and how the whole process works. I’m about 3/4 of the way done with my first novel and would truly like to see it out there in the world getting read but have no idea how to go about doing that. Self-publish vs. traditional publishing. Querry letters, bio……..So here’s an article I found helpful, maybe it will answer some questions for you as well.

From Writers Relief

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Self-Publishing Tool Kit: A Free Resource For Writers

books, memoirs, novels, self-publishSelf-publishing, once considered a somewhat alternative form of publishing, has gone mainstream. More novels, memoirs, poetry and short story collections, and nonfiction books are self-published these days than are published by traditional presses. Thanks to the boom in digital and print publishing, anyone can see his or her book in print!

If you’re deciding whether or not to self-publish, or if you’ve already self-published but want to see if a traditional publisher is interested in your novel or nonfiction book, our Free Self-Publishing Tool Kit will help.

Over the years, we’ve helped many self-published authors submit their books to literary agents; and we can help you too! We write query letters, proofread and format, and research the best-suited literary agents for targeting. For more information about Writer’s Relief, visit our services overview page.

Or just enjoy our free tips and strategies for self-publishing writers!

Getting Started: Is Self-Publishing Right For Your Memoir, Nonfiction Book, Or Novel?

How To Write A Query Letter And Find A Literary Agent For Your Self-Published Book

Learn More About Query Letter Writing

There’s a lot of overlap between how you write a query for an unpublished manuscript and how you write a query for a self-published book or novel. To learn more, visit our Tool Kit For Query Letter Writing.

Who Does Writer’s Relief Recommend For Self-Publishing?

Many writers have asked us which self-publishing company we endorse, partly because there are so many self-publishing companies out there that are unethical, unresponsive, and shady. Some self-publishing companies will promise you the moon—and they’ll give it to you all right: as a cardboard cutout. We had so many writers come to us with complaints about bad self-publishers that it breaks our hearts.

Although every writer will have to do research to discover which self-publishing company is best for their work, budget, and expectations, we at Writer’s Relief can confidently recommend Dog Ear Publishing.

Dog Ear is not a bargain-basement self-publishing company. Nor are they the most expensive. But we feel they offer the best value. Their upfront costs are higher than some publishers’, but their print costs (where writers make a profit) are lower than most, if not all, self-publishing companies. Their staff strikes us as ethical and honest.

If you’re self-publishing, check out Dog Ear Publishing.

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Publicity for Self-Published Authors

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Self-Publishing Industry Overview

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