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   This is a new idea I had to hopefully give everyone a spark of creativity when they feel the cold hand of writer’s block reraching from behind them and taking over their brain. Personally I like to wake every morning and write at least 200 words on what ever pops into my mind just to get the creative juices flowing before I start my day. I’d like to hear your comments on this concept of ‘Question of the Week’ : Stupid, Good, Silly? Also, feel free to post your answers to the question. I think it would be awsome to see how different imaginations answer the same question



   If one of your friends told you they had just talked to a person who truly believed the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was based on a true story what would be your instant impressions on how that person looked, dressed, personal philosophies, and lived their life?

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2 Responses to Question of the Week

  1. ghoststoriesfiction says:

    I would imagine them to be the type that collects stamps and watches trains. And also likes to collect tin cans in their attempt to mould themselves on the tin man. Oh they probably wrestle lions too, because they think the lions haven’t the heart to eat them! Lol


  2. gedwardsmith says:

    LOL! I imagined someone in a old brown wool suit walking around warning people of the dangers on the path that they’re on. He would be a paranoid soul.

    Write Fearlessly


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