Magazines Taking Online Submissions

  As some of you may know, I’m taking my first year as a new writer to concentrate on Flash Fiction/Shortstries. Why? Well, to give you an analogy (probably not a very good one), back in my younger days I wanted to learn how to play the guitar (become a rock star and all that) but I decided to start with learning how to play bass instead. The reason, a bass has four strings as opposed to the six on a guitar, so I figured heck that’s got to be easier. I played my bass for about a year or so and when I switched over to guitar I felt much more confident in learning it. That’s my thought process for beginning with Flash Fiction/Shortstories. Because someday I want to delve into novel writing and I’m hoping that this first year will ease me into the novel attempt with more confidence. Any way, I’m anxious to submit my stories to some of those magazines out there that accept submissions and see what happens so below are links to some of those magizines that do just that. Maybe we can all get that first published piece by years end.


Magazines Taking Online Submissions

 Welcome to EWR’s list of magazines that take online submissions. This list is a starting list and will grow in time. We have, at this time, only chosen magazines that are “outstanding.” This means many of these magazines are regularly chosen for inclusions in anthologies like Best American Poetry or Best American Short Stories. We’ve update this list, and even more outstanding magazines are beginning to take submissions online. We suggest you go to these sites, submit your work and buy a subscription! These guys are supporting and are going to great lengths to make it easy for you to be a published writer. Poetry, possible the best poetry magazine in the country, now takes online submissions!

 We understand not all magazines can take online submissions. They are simply overwhelmed, but the proud few below have found a way. Support them!


American Short Fiction



Spinning Jenny


Virginia Quarterly Review

Boston Reivew


California Quarterly 




Glimmer Train 

Harvard Advocate





Kenyon Review 

Little Magazine 

Many Moving Mountains



Mississippi Review 





Tar River Poetry

Story Quarterly 


Tattoo Highway


Black Warrior Review

West Branch 



Can We Have Our Ball Back 

Exquisite Corpse 

La Petite Zine 



I’ve also added three new links in my Blogroll that will lead you to other magazines to submit your work to. 

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