July 20th, 1969 Moon Landing

“One small step for man one giant leap for mankind.” It’s amazing what humanity can do if we just put our minds to it. Live broadcast of lunar landing from 1969.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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Apathy A While

Am I awake I can’t be certain. The shades are drawn-I’ve pulled the curtains. Hope flutters from my side. This person I’ve become that precise disguise. A million deaths-Every hour I’ve died. With laughter and wonderment, I desperately cried. In this world, I’ve created-This world I see. What is never was and what isn’t will be? Who is to say what I believe in now? The one who was me is forgotten somehow. But maybe just maybe someday I’ll return. To light up a resistance and watch it burn. With this apathy, I’ve become. With this apathy, I’m done. This time I will change. While forever the same.

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Better Without Than Within.


“Who are you to decide her fate?”

“I am her true being. The one she has relied upon ever since the accident.”


“Yes but I can make her fly to soar above this wasted life, ” the first was saying, getting louder.

The second replied, ” You just want her to follow you. To become what you have become.”

“Of course. That’s what I did for the last, and it’s what I’ll do for the next.”


“Emily, remember your mom and how she would read you a story every night before turning out the light, ” the first one whispered.

“Yes, remember the darkness she left you in. The fear you felt Emily, it is real.”


” Think of tomorrow and what it could bring.”

The second one said, ” Tomorrow will be more of the same. I will remain, ” getting even louder.


Emily threw open the door to the rooftop and walked to the edge. “I’m doing this for both of you and neither of you. I’m doing this to shut both of you up and get you out of my head!” She was crying as she stepped into the empty air and plummeted twenty stories.

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My Mother’s Son

“I will turn you.”

“I’ll never be like you!” With that, he pulled the trigger. The hole in her head bled for only a moment before closing up.

“I told you I can’t die a natural death, Ian, ” she looked up at him as her eyes turned a cobalt blue.

“How do I kill you?” He asked frustratingly. Seeing her tied to the chair made him wonder if she was truly helpless.

“I am not, ” and in an instant she broke loose her binds and was immediately in front of him. With her hand around his neck and him pinned firmly against the basement wall she whispered, “You will become one of us.”

“Mother, please just kill me.”

“Never my son, ” and she sunk her fangs into his flesh.

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Original Sin

We are within. With our original sin. Where can we go? To whom will it show? A Devils device. What we all sacrifice. Isn’t always known to others. This darkness falls and smothers. Me, I’m not alone. In what has been shown. This original sin. Is where we all begin. The end will always call. It defines us all. The beginning seems wrong. Till we find a place, we belong. This wonderful original sin. Every now and then. Comes bubbling to thought. No matter how hard we feel, we have fought.

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Wednesday Writing Prompt

The surface rippled in its glassiness while the moonlight clung tight. She knew what swam beneath but she didn’t know where.

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Happily Ever Never

With the final limb severed, Kyle looked down with pride at his work. “Another masterpiece, unfortunately, this is the last one.” This was the ‘last’ one for the twenty-seventh time. The satisfaction never lasted, never held his urge at ease for very long. Why can’t I stop? The hunting was a mere primer for the abduction. The torture a prelude to the killing. However, what he loved the most was the dismemberment. He had it figured to a science, and it was the separating of the whole into wonderfully beautiful pieces that left his soul and mind gripped with glory. “This one is it. Remember it well, Kyle, remember it well, ” he whispered to himself. Six hours later and he was back on the streets downtown looking for the next. One more and that’s it. He noticed a woman walking her dog as he drove by her. He parked on the next street over and looked around the corner. He already imagined her in pieces. This is the last one, he thought to himself. Just then he heard the voice. “Give me your wallet!” He turned in time to see the flash of the gun pointed squarely in his face.


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