Submission Grinder

A great website for finding submission sites. I’ve just recently found this and am falling in love with it. Check it out and let me know what you think. Below is their website and a video tutorial.

The Grinder Website

Video Tutorial Of Submission Grinder

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Question Of The Week

Which would you prefer, infinite solitude or constant company?

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5 Tips On Writing Book Review

What do we do As writers? Well, write of course. But what is the second immaculate thing we endeavor to do? Read, read, read. The one of the many aspects of reading is our chance to write a review. This cannot only in grain our experience of the story but give us the chance to extrapolate what we just learned or relearned.

It gives us the opportunity to use our inner thoughts to blossom and critique another’s work and the craft they used to make us love, hate, and cry over their words. I’m going to leave a few great book reviewers for to check out that I find amazing: Gadget Girl 71 & HappyasaMother. These two ladies can write amazing book reviews and can be found on Hope you enjoy the video.

Book Reviews And Why You Should Be Writing Them

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Worst Day Ever Quotes That Will Make You Reconsider

“Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.,”


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Worst Day Ever Quotes That Will Make You Reconsider

“Fiction is lies; we’re writing about people who never existed and events that never happened when we write fiction, whether its science fiction or fantasy or western mystery stories or so-called literary stories. All those things are essentially untrue. But it has to have a truth at the core of it.”

George R. R. Martin

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Basic Fiction Terms And Definitions

A few basics to learn as you begin your writing adventure. These terms must be learned and understood to work your way through all the writing advice you are bound to come across as you grow as a writer.

The two vides below will mention and explain the basic writing terms every new writer should learn.

Basic Writing Terms #1

Basic Writing Terms #2

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Inspiration To Write When You Don’t Want To

What’s worse than writer’s block? Lacking the motivation to write can stifle the most prolific of writers.

How do you find the will to write when you don’t have the power to pick up the pen? The article below gives nine motivational tips on how to move forward in your creative endeavors.

Write Right Now

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